Units will be sold as-is, where-is, and in their entirety. Cash only due at the time of the sale. $50 clean out deposit is required for each unit purchased and will be refunded once unit is cleaned in its entirety. Items must be removed within 24 hours unless a new rental contract is made. There will be no buyer’s premium charged. Sales tax will be due for those who are not tax-exempt.

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What is a storage auction?

A storage facility provides space to store personal or business belongings. In providing this service and space, the facility retains a lien on the items stored on its property. In most cases, the renter pays until he/she is ready to remove their possessions. However, occassionally the rent fails to be paid. When the storage facility can not collect the money owed for the service and space provided, then the facility enforces its lien on the property. A public auction is held and the contents of the unit/space are sold.

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