Thank you customers!

Re: St. Vincent DePaul Charity Food Drive

Dear Customers of Storage Inns of America,

Thank you all for your efforts to collect and generously donate food items for the St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry.  The food drive was a success.  A total of 1,561 items were collected and donated to the food pantry.  A matching cash donation of $1,561.00 has been sent to St. Vincent DePaul.  Customers have been rewarded with Rent Discounts totaling $2,502.00.

Thank you all, your generosity will help many families in need.


Happy Holidays to You and Your Families,

From the owners, Tom and Debbie Smith

And our storage managers: Scott Cline,  Denny Diehl, Sandy Draper, Debbie Irwin, Jeff Leffel, Ron Sagraves, Chris Schneider


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